Wheel Base Tail Nose Length
8 14.3 6.55 6.55 31.60
8.125 14.3 6.60 6.60 31.70
8.25 14.3 6.625 6.625 31.75
8.38 14.35 6.625 6.625 31.8
8.5 14.4 6.625 6.625 31.85


Twin Tail: Twin tail skateboard shape with a mellow concave. Pro quality construction that's made with Canadian 7-ply maple wood.

Our proprietary twin tail shape is completely symmetrical, meaning both front and back kicks are the exact same size, shape, and angle.

A sheet of Jessup Grip Tape is included with every purchase.

Top and bottom veneers are colored, chosen at random.

Our Twin Tail Boards:
- Will take twice as long to razor tail
- Will wear out more evenly than a standard popsicle shape
- Will generate a more consistent flick for all flip tricks in all stances
- Generally last twice as long as a standard popsicle shape

*Our graphics are not seasonal; we will be doing our due diligence to have all of our board graphics and sizes available at all times.